Frequently Asked Questions About GMAA

We’re so excited you’re considering joining the GMAA family. We really think you’ll find us a valuable resource on your quest to find an agent or manager. Our staff is made up of real entertainment industry professionals who use our service to get repped themselves. Our goal is to provide you with the complete package, whether you subscribe to us or not. If you’re curious about our plans (or honestly just have a question about the industry in general), please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email. But, in the meantime, here’s a list of the most common questions people have about Get Me An Agent.

Does it really work, reaching out to people cold?

It’s ALWAYS going to be easier to find representation with an “in”. If you know anybody, definitely let the agent/manager know that before you reach out. And you should never just send out cold emails and rest on your laurels. Be proactive. The people who make it in this industry try every way in they can find. But yes, many writers have got their representation through reaching out cold. People will read you. And if they like what you send them, they will rep you. It’s all about the quality of the work and the way you connect with them.

How should I write “the email”

Good question. Check out our full guide on writing “the email” here. But for now, here are some things to keep in mind.

Be nice, polite, and friendly.Know something about the person you’re contacting (we provide links to LinkedIn, IMDb, and Agency Websites to help with this part).NEVER send your script in the first email. This is a big one. Always ask them if they would be interested in reading you. Otherwise your email will be deleted, sight unseen.

But what if I want to send my script in the first email?

Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. In addition to hurting your chances (reducing them to zero), it affects our relationship with agents and managers. We want to cultivate a good relationship with everybody involved in GMAA, but sending unsolicited material puts agents and managers in tricky situations, and results in emails being removed from our directories. Not good for anybody.

What if I’m not looking for reps? Is GMAA still useful?

Absolutely! If you’re developing a project, looking to connect with a writer, or even just looking to send fan mail, GMAA is great for you. We’ve had clients who use us as an everyday resource for connecting with representation in their day-to-day business.

What makes GMAA different from other ‘Celebrity Contact’ services?

Good question. Firstly, agents aren’t really celebrities, so they’re often not listed on sites like that. And even on sites like IMDb Pro that have some agent contact info, it’s sparse and often not reliable. We, on the other hand, have reached out to every agent and manager on our list personally, and are constantly developing and growing our catalogue.

How do you collect your emails?

Emails are collected from many sources, including IMDbPro, agency directories, client websites, social media, and other such sources. Unlisted agents and managers may also submit themselves directly to Get Me An Agent, here. Get Me An Agent’s catalogue is compiled using ONLY public information. We never use private emails, and refrain from using personal email addresses, even when the agent has made them public. This is to protect agents and managers from unwanted spam, but also to protect you. We are providing a service to agents and managers as much as writers, but we never want to inundate their personal inboxes and private emails with queries, as this leads to angry agents (not good for anybody).

Will my emails bounce?

If you see contact info for an agent/manager on GMAA, you can be sure it’s real. We’ve personally reached out to every agent and manager listed on our website, and only included those that don’t bounce.

Are there contracts? Catches?


How do you verify the email addresses are real?

In some cases, we reach out to agents and managers directly. However, to avoid spamming them, we also use services like Hunter and Nymeria, online tools that help verify whether an email address is real, without ever bothering the person on the other end.

What if I can’t pay for GMAA?

LA’s expensive, we know. And working your way up doesn’t pay super well in the beginning. So we want to help you out. If you can’t afford GMAA, shoot us an email and explain a bit about your situation. We’ll try to help out!

Do you have an app?

We do! We have what is called a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means it lives on your phone just like any other app, but you don’t get it from an app store. Our PWA has all the same features as our website, but saved on your phone (and available offline, too). To install our PWA, simply visit our website on your phone. A little banner should appear at the bottom of your screen that says “Add to Home”. Simply click the banner and follow the directions. If the banner doesn’t appear, try these steps for Android and iOS.

Okay, but what if I really want to send my script in the first email?

Please don’t.

How do I search your directory?

Members can break down their searches by genre (Drama or Comedy), and medium (Features, TV), or peruse our entire catalogue all at once. Have a specific agent or manager you want to connect with? Navigate to either the ‘Agents’ or ‘Managers’ page, and select Cntrl (Cmnd on a Mac) + F, and search for their name.

I’m an agent. How do I get myself listed? (Or Delisted )

If you’re an agent or manager and want to get listed in our directory, update your information (such as your Picture, Email, or Useful Links), or get removed from our directory (sad face), click here to visit our Agent Center)

This sounds great! Where can I sign up?

What an excellent question! You can check out our plans and signup here.

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