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The ‘Do It Yourself’ Plan

Don’t want to spend the big bucks to find an agent? Try our ‘Do It Yourself’ plan to get access to unlimited Email Templates, 24/7/365 chat support, and a wealth of information gleaned from successful (and unsuccessful) searches to help you find an agent the DIY way.

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Access to 200+ Verified Emails

Our manager and agent lists were created by industry insiders and AI, and we’ve personally contacted every email on our list to make sure it’s real. So when we say “verified emails”, we mean it.*

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Free Email Templates

When reaching out to agents and managers with representation inquiries, how you ask is almost as important as what you ask. Which is why we’ve provided you with free email templates proven to help improve your chances of a positive response, for members only.

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Unlimited Support From a Person

Have questions about our list? About getting repped? About the industry in general? Our reps are always just an email or live chat away, and yeah, it’s a real person! We’ll get back to you quickly, usually in under 12 hours. We won’t read your script, though. Sorry 🙂

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