Why does our little site exist? In 2020, when I visited the then-closed Mountain View Google headquarters, Googleplex, I saw firsthand an industry where talent holds all the cards. Google spends millions to provide their employees with every perk in the book. Companies in Silicon Valley are desperate to entice every young programmer in the country to work for them, and that’s to say nothing of their $100k+ starting salaries. I then returned to LA, where rents are exorbitant, wages are low, and talent has to beg, borrow, and steal for a shot at a General Meeting with a third-rate agent. I started to wonder: why can’t entertainment be like tech? Why can’t we reshape the narrative around talent in entertainment and make the big, blundering studios chase us, rather than the other way around? That’s why I started Get Me An Agent. It may seem a modest product to accomplish such a gargantuan goal: a database of emails to help unrepped screenwriters connect with agents. But it’s all in service of a greater goal, one I believe Get Me An Agent will be a fundamental building block towards: creating an industry where talent is king and the bigwigs chase them, not the other way around.

Sam Brooks – Founder

Who we are

We are a young, scrappy team of entertainment people, founded by an unrepped screenwriter, Sam Brooks, who spent over a year painstakingly compiling a massive list of every agent he could find throughout Hollywood. When he finally finished developing the list, most agents either didn’t respond or declined to read his pilot. This is not an uncommon occurrence. It’s the rule, not the exception. Sam realized, after talking with his writer friends, that everybody goes through this phase: painstakingly developing a list, then having the vast majority of said list completely ignore them. And he realized he could help. He could provide the massive database he compiled to other screenwriters in the same position. Instead of taking years making a list of people who probably wouldn’t respond to their material, writers could search through a curated collection of agents and managers to find only those who are actually looking for clients who are making their types of work.

So what do we do (exactly)?

We offer two services at Get Me An Agent. Firstly, our monthly subscription service (click me to see our current plans and pricing) provides customers with unlimited access to our database of over 400 Hollywood agents and managers. Every email in our catalogue is guaranteed to be legitimate, and we’ve got agents and managers from the largest agencies and firms in the business, like CAA and 3Arts. Plus, we provide additional details about our agents to help customers find agents specifically tailored to their scripts. Secondly, we offer customized script reports (click me to learn more). When you buy one of our reports, we’ll read your script and find five agents and five managers who’ve responded to similar work in the past. Plus, we’re always here to chat about your path to finding representation, both before you subscribe, and after.

The proof is in the pudding

Despite being young and relatively new to the business, we’ve already had a lot of success connecting our clients to agents. Take Jermaine Bell, for instance:

Less than a month using Get Me An Agent, and I already have an agent reading my script. The customer service team is fast and extremely helpful, and I definitely appreciate that they are all real people, not bots. I would definitely recommend to any new screenwriter.

Jermaine Bell, former subscriber

Jermaine is one of many customers we’ve successfully linked with agents and managers. And here’s our clumsy segue: you could be next.

The Four Tenets of Get Me An Agent

Finding an agent is a very competitive, complex process. Most screenwriters DO NOT find an agent or manager merely by reaching out cold. They do it by a combination of reaching out cold, and developing their in-person Hollywood network.

Put the best forward by following GMAA’s four tenets:

NEVER send unsolicited material. Always ask an agent if they want to read you.

Send your script only after at least five friends/coworkers have seen it and given notes.

Have a second script (that meets the requirements of tenet 2) ready to go before you send anything.

Don’t even think about reaching out until you’ve written at least six scripts.

Let’s get acquainted 🙂

Sam’s got an Instagram he’s very proud of…

He also got us to sponsor his podcast, Screenwriter Survival Guide, somehow…

Wanna chat? Book a time to talk about how we can help you (it’s free), or reach out to us via email. We’re at hi@getmeanagent.com. Or, if you’re ready now: